Advanced Query Tool Version 9

AQT v9 has been a significant rewrite using the .Net platform. This has been a large project, which has allowed us to add exciting new functionality to AQT.

Major features of AQT V9

New Appearance

Database Explorer
  • AQT is largely unchanged from earlier releases - no retraining required when upgrading to AQT v9!
  • you have a choice of the Styles to be used for the grids in the Database Explorer and Data Display windows. You can define your own styles.
  • the Window-list bar can be moved to the top, left, right or bottom. We have found that having it on the left makes it very easy to manage your AQT windows
  • With AQT v9, options can be different for different databases. You can have different grid styles and window background colors for different databases.



This is a major new piece of functionality:

  • you can create Charts from your data
  • once you have defined a Chart, you can save it to disk (as a file). It will appear in the Queries display of the Database Explorer window, and can be defined as a Favorite
  • the Chart can be refreshed with current data with a couple of clicks
  • charts can be created in batch (unattended) mode



SQL Window
  • The Run SQL window now has Intellisense - as you type, AQT will popup the list of schema names, table names, column names or column functions. This makes it a lot easier to build a query.
  • Multiple results - AQT now displays multiple query-results on this window as a series of tabs at the bottom of the window


Query Builder

Data display
  • as with the Run SQL window, you can now display multiple query results on this window
  • you can add a simple Where clause for a column on the Columns tab
  • the Where Clause window has been redesigned; it now allows you to build sub-selects plus has a helper for building IN clauses


Summarizing Data

This is a new window for easily summarizing a table.



  • there has been a significant rewrite of Options. Options can be exported / imported. You can have different options for different databases
  • improvements to way queries are cancelled. The Cancel Task is no longer present, instead the Abort button will always be active
  • AQT can now run multiple SQL statements at the same time
  • queries can be Paused and Resumed


Requirements to run AQT v9

  • AQT v9 is more resource intensive than AQT v8, in particular it has greater memory requirements. It is recommended that you run AQT on a machine with at least 512 MB RAM.
  • AQT v9 uses the Microsoft .Net Framework v2. If you are running Microsoft XP SP2, Microsoft Vista or Microsoft Windows 7, this should already be on your machine. If not, you will need to download and install this. Click here for the .Net Framework install file.
  • AQT v9 is designed to coexist with AQT v8. However in order to run both AQT v8 and AQT v9 on your machine, you must be running AQT 8.2.7 or a more recent release. If you try to run an earlier release of AQT v8, some functions may fail.

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Last reviewed on 25 February 2010   

Copyright 2010 Cardett Associates Ltd. All rights reserved.