AQT Forum

The AQT Forum is a Yahoo Discussion Group located at

You can enter the AQT Forum here.

The Group has been set up with the following rules:

  • Anyone is able to read the messages
  • If you wish to post a new message, you will need to:
    • obtain a Yahoo Id. This can be done in a few minutes. It is free. Once you have this Id, you can use it with any Yahoo group.
    • join the AQT Group
  • When you join the AQT group, you have some options about what Group messages you will receive by email:
    • all messages posted to the Group
    • only Special Announcements
    • no messages
    The option we recommend for most people is Special Announcements.
  • It is your responsibilty to manage your Yahoo Id and your membership to the group.
  • We reserve the right to remove messages which are spam, offensive, or contain other information we deem inappropriate.

Notification of Product Updates

Many AQT users wish to be notified when there are significant upgrades to AQT. We will do this by posting update notices as Special Announcements on the Forum. If you wish to receive information on product updates you will need to:
  • join the AQT Group
  • select to receive Special Announcements
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Last reviewed on 26 February 2006   

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