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AQT works well with Teradata, however some Teradata users have reported that the following has to be done in order for AQT to work in their environment:

Table name ambiguous

Some users have experienced the following message when running a query:

S0002(-3806)[NCR][ODBC Teradata Driver][Teradata RDBMS] Table/view/trigger name 'xxxxxxx' is ambiguous

This can happen if you are using a qualified table-name in your query. For example you might have:

select * from dev1.tableA

The cause of this problem is the Default Database setting in the ODBC Configuration for your database. If this is (for instance) dev2 then Teradata will look at both dev1 and dev2 for a table called tableA. If it is in both, you will get the ambiguous table-name message.

The solution is to change the Default Database to a database that doesn't have a table of that name.

Running Stored Procedures

By default, AQT is able to run Macros but not Procedures. This is because AQT runs procedures with the CALL statement, which the Teradata ODBC Driver will convert to an EXEC. Only Macros can be run with an EXEC. By default, when you try to run a procedure from AQT you will get message:

S1000(-3855)[Teradata][ODBC Driver][Teradata Database] 'procedure-name' is not a macro.

To get around this, you will need to set the ODBC Driver setting Disable CALL to EXEC Conversion.

With this option set, you will be able to run Procedures but not Macros.