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Doing a Direct Connect

This section is for advanced users only.

AQT allows you to connect to a database without first having to define an ODBC Datasource. You would typically use this for a one-off database connection.

To use this:

If you are connecting to a file (such as an MS Access database, DBase file, SQLite database, Excel file or text files) the File Name box and selector will be enabled. You can specify the name of the file you are wishing to connect to. If you leave this blank, the ODBC Driver will prompt you for this.

It is recommended that you specify a Name. This is the name AQT uses for the database on the Database Explorer and other windows. If you do not specify this, AQT will use a default name.

Connection Strings

There is some information on the wen about the format of Connection Strings.

Alternatively, once you have signed onto a database, go Help > Database Details. At the bottom of this window there is a panel Connection Info. This shows you the connection parameters that the ODBC Driver has used to connect to the database (excluding the Driver name clause). For instance, if this is:


Then a connection string that would connect like this would be:


(replace ***** with your password).