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Customizing your displays

You can customize your system monitor displays. From the System Monitor window, go Customize > Main Grid (or Right Grid / Bottom Grid).

You will be shown the following window:

Sysmon Customize

This window shows how the System Monitor window is defined within AQT. There are two parts to this:

Columns in the Display

You can:


This gives the query that is run to populate the data in the display. It is recommended that you do not change this except:

Make sure that you test the query thoroughly before making changes to it.

Warn and Crit

These give conditions when a cell value will be highlighted in Yellow and Red respectively. These are coded as follows:


What it Does


Cell value equals x


Cell value contains x


Cell value is not x


Cell value is greater than x


Cell value is less than x


Cell value is greater or equal to x


Cell value is less than or equal to x


When you click on OK, the display is saved as a Customized display.It will be held in a user-customized administration configuration file. The name will be (for instance) oracle_adm_usr.cfg in your Config File Directory.


Click on this if you have amended the display and want it returned to it's original state (eg the state it was when you opened this window).

Revert to Default

This button is active if the display you are dealing with is a customized display. When you click on this button, the display will revert back to the original state.

Further Customization

The system monitor is configured as part of the Administration Component of AQT. The "full" configuration window can be accessed from the Database Explorer Window Tools > Configure Admin Component. The Customize Display window is a cut-down version of Configure Admin Component window. If you wish to configure further aspects of the System Monitor, you should use the Configure Admin Component window.