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Connecting to HP SQL/MX

In order to connect to an HP SQL/MX database:

The datasource names must match between those defined to MXCS on the database server, and the client PCs. In other words, if you define a datasource called HR to MXCS, the datasouce on the client PCs must also be called HR.

MXCS Configuration

When you define a datasource to MXCS, it is recommended that the SQL_ATTR_NO_HEADING attribute is set to TRUE.  This is needed in order for the column names to be displayed correctly when a table is displayed.

The following is an example of adding a datasource called HR:  

 /home/dba: mxci

>>mode mxcs;

CS>add ds "HR";

-- ADD DS \APSGP.$MXCS.HR Successful

CS>add evar $MXCS."HR"."SQL_ATTR_NO_HEADING", type SET, value 'TRUE';


CS>start ds "HR";

-- START DS \APSGP.$MXCS.HR Successful



Other Notes

For more on using AQT with SQL/MX, see Database-specific notes > HP SQL/MX