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Running your Query

Once you have built your query in the Query Builder, you can run it by clicking on Run (or F5).

Query Results

Where your query results go to is determined by View > Display query results on this window or the Results button on the toolbar.

Using the data display tabs

This is similar to the data display tabs on the Run SQL window.

Running your query against another database

You are able to run your query against another database. This is only useful if the other database has the same tables and columns, so the query is valid on that database. To do this, select Run > Run against, and select the database.


You can export your data by clicking on Query > Export Data (F7).

Check Syntax

You can check the syntax of your query by clicking on Query > Check Syntax (F6).

This will do a "prepare" of your query, but will not actually run it. Some databases may not support this mode of operation.