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Using Transactions

By default, when you run an SQL statement (such as an Update or Delete), the database is immediately changed.

Another option is to run your SQL statement as a Transaction. When this is done:

How to use Transaction Mode

Within both the Run SQL and Row Update windows, you have the option of starting a transaction. This is done with the menu item Transaction > Begin Trans:

Once you have Committed or Rolled back, your transaction is terminated (except when AutoCommit is de-selected - see the next section).


By default, every update you make to the database is applied and committed to the database immediately. This is sometimes referred to as Auto-Commit mode.

You can switch off Auto-Commit mode by de-selecting Options > Technical Parameters > Auto Commit. When auto-commit is switched off:

If you change the Auto Commit option when you are signed onto a database, nothing immediately happens:

Other Notes on Transactions