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Does AQT v8 run on Windows Vista or Windows 7?

AQT v8 runs fine on Windows Vista and Windows 7. It runs as a 32-bit application only - there is no 64-bit executable for AQT v8.

Installing AQT v8 Under Windows 7

There can sometimes be installation problems with AQT v8, as later editions of Windows have tight security that interferes with the install process.

It is recommended that you run the AQT v8 install with a userid with administrator right plus using "Run as Administrator". The "Run as Administrator" is often necessary even if you are signed on with administrator rights.

When you start AQT you may get message:

Component XpNetMenu.ocx or one of its dependencies not correctly registered

This has been caused by Windows security preventing this component being registered during the install. The solution is to manually register this component using the following procedure:

AQT should now run OK.