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Generating a Resync Script

You can generate a script to resync the contents of the tables. The options for doing this are on the Options tab.

Comp Mult 1

As with Data Compare, you have the option generating the script to:

Resync Script File Name

You have the option of a creating either

To have a separate resync file per table, de-select the Use a single Script file? checkbox. AQT will change the script file name to include <tname> in the file name.

When the compare is run, AQT will substitute the table name where <tname> has been coded. You can also specify <schema> to include the schema in the file name.

Seperate Resync Files for Updates / Inserts / Deletes

You the option Generate upd/insert/del as seperate files to have updates / inserts / deletes statements to be written to separate files.

This will be done in addition to the "main" resync file with all the changes.

Report or Script File

When the compare finishes, you can automatically be shown the Report and/or Resync script files. These are specified on the Show Report file and Show Script file options.

Alternatively, once the Compare has been run:

Note that this option will only be enabled if a resync script has been created for that table. This will only happen if AQT has found some differences between the tables.

Running the Resync Script File

When the compare has finished, you can automatically run the script file to resync the contents of the tables. This is particularly useful when running the compare in batch / unattended mode to resync the two schemas.

The option Run Script file specifies whether the script is to be automatically run once the compare has completed. This takes values No / Prompt / Yes as described earlier. Note:

Alternatively, once the Compare has been run:

Start with new Script File

On the main compare page there is an option Start with new Script file. This is used when you are using the single script file option.

By default this option is checked, so AQT will clear the contents of the script file before the compare is run. If you Pause the compare, this option will be de-selected, so AQT will append to the script file when the compare is resumed.