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Unattended Batch Mode

This feature of AQT allows you to run a set of SQL statements (and other AQT functions) in unattended batch mode.

An AQT batch script consists of:


A number of example batch files are supplied with AQT. We recommend that you use these as models for building your own scripts.

The sample files are held in the Application Data directory - this is directory %appdata%\Advanced Query Tool\batch, where %appdata% is your APPDATA environment variable. This is:

Batch file

The batch file consists of the following statement

aqtv10.exe infile logfile options


Running the script

You run the batch script by running the batch file. This can be done by double clicking the file in the Windows explorer.

Scheduling AQT batch scripts

AQT does not supply a scheduler for running your batch scripts. This is because Windows has a scheduler which can be used for this purpose. The Window scheduler can be run with the AT command (from a command prompt). In later versions of Windows there is a graphical interface into this - see Start > Programs > Accessories > System Tools > Scheduled Tasks.

Note that when running a scheduled task, you should run this under your own userid. If running it under a different userid you can hit several problems:

Script file

The script file consists of a series of AQT scripting statements and SQL statements. batch_sample.sql is an example of this, and demonstrates many of the script statements.