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DB2/UDB - Admin notes


For DB2/UDB Version 7 or earlier, information on Tablespace Containers cannot be obtained using SQL. This means that:

These restrictions do not apply to DB2 v8 and higher, for which container information can be obtained using SQL.

Functions and Procedures

Function authorities

Authorities cannot be granted or revoked from system functions (SYSFUN and SYSPROC). Consequently, when you using Manage Authorities for a user or group, AQT will exclude the system functions from the list of functions.

Compiling Stored Procedures

For DB2/UDB (prior to version 9), if you had an error trying to create a Stored Procedure you often got a message such as:

SQL7032N SQL Procedure 'xxxx' not created. Diagnostic file is "P1234567.log"

DB2 creates Stored Procedures by building and compiling a C program. This has failed to compile. The P1234567.log file has the compile errors which generally point to the cause of the problem.

The log file is held in a very obscure place - this is:


where database is your database name, username is your user name and %SQLLIB% is your DB2 install directory (normally C:\Program Files\IBM\SQLLIB\).