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Multiple result-sets

These options govern how AQT is to treat queries (such as Stored Procedures) that return multiple result-sets. By default, AQT will display each result-set in a different results-window, and changing this setting affects whether results are updatable (see options below).

If you select Display multiple result-sets in the same window then AQT will display all result-sets from the query in the same results window. By default, these result-sets will appear one after the other with no gaps between. These result-sets will NOT be updatable.

The option Display multiple queries in same window is a similar option, but governs how AQT displays the results when you run multiple queries from the Run SQL window. When this option is selected, the result-sets from all the queries go to the single results window. These result-sets will NOT be updatable.

If you select Include a blank line between query results AQT will place a blank line between the different query result-sets. The column titles will be taken from the first result-set - the following result-sets will not have column titles as this is not possible with the way the grid works.