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Data Loader error with MS SQL Server and Sybase

Sometimes you might run into problems when you load from a table in a database to another table in the same database. In this case AQT will be running two SQL statement against the same database (one SQL statement is reading from the source table and the other statement is inserting into the target table). Some databases and/or ODBC drivers (such as MS SQL Server and Sybase) have restrictions about whether a program can run more than one statement at the same time.

The MS SQL Server error in this case is:

Error reading table XXX [Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver]Function Sequence Error

For Sybase the error is:

Sybase does not allow more than one active statement when retrieving results without a cursor.

For HP SQL/MX the error is:

ERROR[8813] Trying to fetch from a statement that is in the closed state

If you run into these problems, the workaround is to sign onto the database twice. Select the source table from one connection, and the target table in the other connection.