Advanced Query Tool

Updating Data

AQT provides two ways to update data and some optional settings to check on mass actions.

Inline Edit

Use Inline Edit to edit the data directly in the Data Display window. This is a fast way to edit many rows in your table.

This feature also allows you to:

  • update multiple rows by pasting bulk data into the grid
  • insert multiple rows by doing a paste-append
  • preview the update / delete / insert SQL before it is run
Update Row

Row Update

AQT offers an alternate method for updating, deleting and inserting rows.

In the Row Display window, use Update Mode to build an Update/Delete/Insert SQL statement that you then run. This gives you more control than the inline edit and an easier update of multiple rows.

  • specify the table row to update by checking a Where box in the Update grid.
  • specify the table column (or field) to update by checking an Update box in the Update grid.

AQT will generate SQL for the update; you can view the SQL with the Preview SQL button. The SQL can be amended or saved for running later.

AQT has a number of features to help you with updates: for example, the Get Values button (RHS in the screenshot below) adds a drop-down list of existing values for the grid cell that has the focus.

Update Row

Preventing Mass Updates / Deletes

Because AQT allows you to update many rows, even a whole table, it has a number of controls to help you protect yourself from inadvertently updating or deleting more rows than intended.

  • Before running an Update, you can click on Check Number to see how many rows will be affected by the update.
  • You can select Transaction to enter Transaction mode. When this mode is set, your changes are only committed once you explicitly do a Commit (or you can Rollback to discard uncommitted changes). You can run multiple updates, and even view the contents of the table, before deciding whether to commit the change.
  • AQT has a feature called Safe Update Mode. This gives a warning message if you update/delete more than 1 row. You will be given an option to commit the change or back it out. This applies to any update in AQT (not just through the window shown here). This feature can be configured or switched off.
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Last reviewed on 18 May 2011   

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