Advanced Query Tool

Query Builder

The Query Builder allows you to easily build complex queries:
  • build queries and join tables using an intuitive graphical interface
  • table relationships can be picked up automatically from the database
  • join information can be saved as a "user-defined relationship", and used in later joins
  • AQT can reverse-engineer a query - eg. parse the query SQL and display it in this graphical format. This makes it easy to visualise and amend queries (not just those built by AQT)

The Query Builder supports much advanced query syntax:

  • joins can be innner or outer (left/right/full). Join expressions and join functions are supported. Join syntax can be native or Ansi-standard.
  • support for table expressions / inline views.
  • support for table and column correlation names. Support for column functions. The screenshot below shows you a query with these being used.
  • build complex Where clauses.
  • as you develop the query the generated SQL is shown in the bottom part of the window. There are many options about how the SQL is generated and formatted.
  • AQT allows you to reformat an existing query - for instance change a table correlation name, change join syntax from native-format to Ansi-format.

Where Clause Builder

The Query Builder has a window for building Where clauses:

  • column values can be retrieved by clicking on Get Values
  • has an IN list builder to make it easy to build or modify a large list of IN values
  • has a Build SubSelect windows for building SubSelect clauses, including correlated subqueries
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Last reviewed on 18 May 2011   

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