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System Monitor

The System Monitor is part of the Extended Edition of AQT.

This component shows active threads and other internal information about your database. It has been developed for DB2/UDB, Oracle, Sybase and SQL Server.

As with many other parts of AQT, the information shown by the System Monitor is governed by a config file. Displays can be added or amended by changing the config files (we do not need to change the AQT code to do this).

Example of the Monitor for Oracle

This shows active sessions. You can also display Locks, Transactions, Bufferpools, and various configuration parameters.

System Monitor for Oracle

Example of the Monitor for DB2

This shows active threads. You can also display Locks, Tablespaces, Bufferpools, Table Stats, Utilities, DBM and DB stats plus more.

System Monitor for DB2

Customize Displays

You are able to customize the monitor displays. The customize window allows you to:

  • select which columns are displayed
  • select the order in which columns are shown
  • specify the conditions for which a value if highlighted as a Warning or Critical condition
  • this window also show the query that is run to populate the data. This query can be amended to add new fields, or change the order in which the data is displayed.
Customize Monitor
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