AQT v9 Appearance

The basic appearance and functionality of AQT v9 is the same as in previous releases. Below is the default appearance of the v9 Database Explorer window, which is very similar to the v8 Database Explorer window.
Database Explorer

Other Appearance Options

The next screenshot shows an alternate appearance of AQT and the Database Explorer window:
  • AQT menu and toolbars are defined to use the Office 2003 style
  • The AQT Window-list bar has been placed on the left. This works well when you have a large number of AQT windows open.
  • The Object Details grid has been placed under the Object List grid. This is useful if you wish to see the full width of these displays.
  • The Admin Toolbar has been placed on the right of the Object List grid.
  • The Object List grid is defined with a two-color style. The Object Detail grid is two-color with gridlines.
Database Explorer
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Last reviewed on 23 December 2009   

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