AQT v9 Other Features


The Options component has been overhauled to make it easier to manage, and to add some often-requested functions.
  • Options can be Exported / Imported. This allows options to be moved between machines, and to be saved / reinstated
  • System administators can set Fixed Options that cannot be changed by the end-user
  • You can have different options for different databases or database-types. This is done by defining Database Profiles, and then, for each profile, the options specific to that profile. This is shown in the following screenshot.


  • Improvements to Cancel Queries. The AQT Cancel task has been removed; instead the Abort button will always be active - queries can be cancelled by clicking on this.
  • You can now run more than one SQL statement at the same time (though, only one SQL statement against each database at once - this is due to limitations of the ODBC Drivers).
  • Queries can be Paused and Resumed. This is an alternative method to the Get More Rows feature.
  • Improvements to Unicode display. Previously there were some parts of AQT (window captions, status-bars) that did not display Unicode.
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Last reviewed on 27 December 2009   

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