AQT v9 Query Builder Enhancements

Multiple Query Results

As with the SQL window, the Query Builder window allows you to display multiple query results in a series of tabs at the bottom of the window.

This also provides basic undo functionality; if you want to revert back to an earlier version of your query, right-click the data grid and select "Revert to this query".

Simpler way of adding a Where condition

You can now specify a Where clause on the Columns tab of the Query Builder. This provides a quick way of building a simple Where clause.

Build Where Clause

This window has been redesigned to be simpler and easier to use. A number of new features (Build SubSelect and Build IN clause) also makes it more powerful.


Build sub-selects

The Where clause window can also build a sub-select clause, as shown in the following screenshot. Correlated sub-selects can also be built.


Build IN Clause

There is a new window to help build IN clauses...


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Last reviewed on 26 December 2009   

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