AQT v9 Run SQL Window Enhancements


We have added Intellisense to the Run SQL window. AQT will now popup a list of schema names, table names, column names or column functions. This can be done automatically as you type, or when you hit a hot-key. This is a great time saver when building a query.
Once you have selected a table, go back to the column list - hitting a comma or space will show you a list of the columns for the table....

Column Functions

AQT will show you a popup of column functions. You do this by typing a fullstop after the column name - AQT recognises your column and will show you a list of functions appropriate for the data type. Once you select a function, AQT will enclose the column inside the function as per the normal function syntax.

Multiple Query Results

The Run SQL window now shows multiple query results as a series of tabs.

In addition, you can now link into the Row Detail / Update windows from these data grids.


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Last reviewed on 26 December 2009   

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