Advanced Query Tool

We produce a new version of AQT approximately every 2 years that contains major new functionality.

Point-releases to AQT, containing bug fixes and minor enhancements, are issued every 3 to 6 months. If you have an urgent problem we can generally get a fix to you within a few days.

We include suggestions from AQT users in our development plans. You can make suggestions by emailing us or posting the AQT Forum. Factors taken into account when deciding on implementation include:

  • ease/difficulty to achieve
  • general usefulness
  • number of people who suggest it

Browser-based Reporting Tool

We are currently working on a browser-based reporting tool, called Universal Query Tool (UQT).

This product will run on a web server at a centralised location; to query the data users will need just a web browser. This web browser can run on any platform, including tablets and mobile devices. It will be able to access the same database types that AQT can access. See

This product is aimed at large enterprises that wish to provide their users with tightly-managed access to their databases.

Benefits include:

  • zero deployment costs at user end. No software or plugins to install on the user's PCs. No database client software to be installed or configured on the user's PC. No license key install.
  • central administration: administrators specify databases access and authority level for users.
  • non-power users will not be able to run ad-hoc queries or browse the database structure. Instead they will be presented with a list of pre-built queries (reports) they are able to run. They will not be able to see or amend the report SQL.
  • power users will be able to browse the database structure and run ad-hoc queries in a similar way to AQT.
  • data can be displayed, printed, exported to Excel, csv or PDF.
  • user's queries and exports are held on the server so are accessible to a user irrespective of the device they are using.
  • authorized users can be given the right to develop and edit reports. Reports can be deployed to other users with a few clicks.

This product highlights AQT reporting features. It is simple and mobile.

A demo of this is currently available. For more info on this, see

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