Run Procedure

AQT has a dialog for running Stored Procedures.

  • Procedures can contain OUT, INOUT and RETURN parameters. Data is returned in these.
  • Return parameters can be written to a file. This is useful if large values (such as LOBs) are returned.
  • Procedures can return data, including multiple result-sets of data. AQT will display these.
  • AQT maintains a History of procedures run (including the parameters you specified). This provides an easy way of re-running a procedure you have run previously.
Run Procdure Dialog

Running Procedures from the SQL window

AQT has a syntax for running procedures from the SQL Window. This can also be used for running procedures in a batch script.

  • the data returned by the procedure is displayed
  • the values returned in the INOUT and OUT are given in the status-bar at the bottom of the window.
Running a Procedure from the SQL window