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Run Stored Procedures

The Run Procedure window cannot be used for running Stored Procedures. MySQL provides no way to get the information on procedure parameters - AQT needs this for the Run Procedure window.


MySQL v5 supports transactions. However it's ODBC Driver says that it does not. You may get the message Your database does not support transactions. Option ignored.

Row Counts

We have noticed some odd things with row counts. For instance a table with (say) 150 rows can have a smaller value (eg. 135) in the Table Sizing and Table > Full Details displays. When you do a Truncate of the table, it will give the lower, incorrect value (135), rather than the actual number of rows removed.

These are both oddities with MySQL, rather than errors with AQT.

Column Sizes

Some versions of the MySQL ODBC Driver can misreport the sizes of columns in the query results. This has been corrected in more recent versions of the ODBC Driver.

Number of Rows Affected with Update and Delete statements

When you run an Update in MySQL. it returns the message Number of rows affected=0 if the data has not changed. For instance if you run:

UPDATE Customer_Details SET customer_type ='T' WHERE cust_code = '000001'

you will get Number of rows affected=1

If you run the same statement a second time, you will get Number of rows affected=0. This is because the second time this is run, no data is actually changed so MySQL return a row count of zero.

This is different behaviour from all other databases, which will always return a row count of 1 for this statement. A row count of zero is used to indicate that no data has been found (by the WHERE clause).

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