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Error-handling options

The Data Loader has comprehensive options for handling errors during the load process. Errors are split into two types, as you may wish to have different options for handling each:

duplicate-row errors

occur when you try and load a row into the table that already exists (as specified by the unique key(s) on the table).

Note that for some databases this error will also happen when a row cannot be loaded because of a foreign-key constraint (some databases return the same error code as the code for unique-key error).

other errors

covers all other errors

For both of these error types, you can specify the action to take when the errors are encountered:

When any errors occur they are written to the Error Report file. Any records that fail to be loaded are written to the Duplicate Row and Error Rows files. These records are written in csv format (comma delimited, with strings delimited with double-quotes) irrespective of the source of the data.

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