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Within using the Database Explorer, you can define objects as being Favorites. This allows you to easily access commonly used objects.

The following sections describe how to add and organize your Favorites:

Once you have defined a number of Favorite objects, you can display them by clicking in the Favorites toolbar button. This is shown in the following screenshot.

Each Database has its own Favorites

The Favorites display can only contain objects which are part of that particular database. Each database has its own set of favorites. There is no ability for favorites to contain objects from more than one database.


You can use Folders to group your Favorites into meaningful collections. This is useful for gathering together all the objects related to a particular project or application into a single place.

An object can appear in more than one favorites folder.

The information on your Favorites is held in a file - once you have built your Favorites for a database, you can deploy it to other people in your project by sending them a copy of this file.

Favorites Displayed on Startup

You can specify that Favorites will be displayed when the Database Explorer window is opened. This is done with Options > Database Explorer > Show Favorites on startup. If there are no favorites for your database, AQT will show the normal Objects display.

Opening a particular Favorites file

You can use a particular favorites file for your database by clicking on Favorites > Open Favorites file. That file will be used for your database for this AQT session. This function is useful if you wish to use a favorites file developed for another database that has the same objects.

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