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DB2 Monitor switches

In order for AQT to display the Snapshot Monitor information, the Monitor flags need to be switched on. There are two ways in which this can be done:

A summary of the flags, and how they are switched on, is as follows:

Monitor Element

Switch on Permanently

Switch on Temporarily


update dbm cfg using dft_mon_uow on

update monitor switches using uow on


update dbm cfg using dft_mon_stmt on

update monitor switches using statement on


update dbm cfg using dft_mon_timestamp on

update monitor switches using timestamp on


update dbm cfg using dft_mon_lock on

update monitor switches using lock on


update dbm cfg using dft_mon_bufpool on

update monitor switches using bufferpool on


update dbm cfg using dft_mon_table on

update monitor switches using table on


update dbm cfg using dft_mon_sort on

update monitor switches using sort on

These commands are run through the DB2 Command Window. Any changes to the dbm cfg only come into effect when the database manager instance is next started, and this will apply to all databases within that instance.

When the flags are switched on temporarily, they are only in effect for the duration of the task that issued the commands. So if you switch them on using a DB2 Command Window, they will be switched off when you close the Command window.

Switching on the Monitor Switches using AQT

Within the System Monitor, you can go View > DB2 Monitor Switches. This will take you to a window which shows you the current state of the switches. You can change them then click on Update.

DB2 doesn't provide an easy mechanism for programs (such as AQT) to change the monitor switches. While there is an API call, this is difficult to use. Instead, AQT changes the monitor switches by opening a DB2 Command Window and issuing the appropriate update monitor switches command.

It is hoped that in future releases of DB2, a better mechanism for switching on the monitor flags will be provided.

Further Comment

During testing of the System Monitor, it was found that the monitor information was sometimes not displayed when the switches were set on using the update monitor switches command. It is not known why this is the case. The monitor information displayed much more reliably when the monitor switches were set on in the dbm cfg.

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