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Additional functions

This section describes some additional functions you can do with the Manage Authorities window.

Grant Authorities on/for

When you start this window, the object or user you are dealing with will be shown in the Grant Authorities on/for textbox. This is the object or user the authorities will be granted to when you click on the Run button.

You can change this to another object / user, or specify a list of objects / users. This can be useful for:

Double-clicking will give you a larger box for typing the list of authorities.


These options specify what SQL you want to be generated.

Revoking all Authorities

You can revoke all authorities from an object/user by:

Copying Authorities

Often you need to set up the authorities on an object/user to be the same as another object/user. You would do this when you have created a new object/user and wish to have this the same as another. Do this as follows:

Grant / Revoke SQL

The SQL used for Granting and Revoking authorities can be seen by Script > View / edit skeleton SQL for Grants / Revokes. You can change this skeleton SQL if necessary. Any changes you make will only apply to the current window. The next time you activate this window, the skeleton SQL will revert back to the default values. If you want to make a permanent change to the skeleton SQL, use the Administration Configuration window.

SQLID / Grantor

This allows you to run your Grant / Revoke statements under a different id. DB2 z/OS will set the SQLID. Informix will use the AS clause for the Grants.

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