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Column Names

By default, column names will not display correctly in AQT. You need to configure your datasource entries on MXCS to specify SQL_ATTR_NO_HEADING=TRUE.

See Connecting to HP SQL/MX for more on this.

Running Multiple Queries

SQL/MX appears to have limitations when running more than one query at the same time.

This affects the use of Compare all Tables in Schema, plus the Data Compare functions. These functions require AQT to run two queries simultaneously. If both of your schemas or tables use the same connection, then these functions will fail with:

ERROR[8813] Trying to fetch from a statement that is in the closed state

The circumvention to this is to sign onto the database twice - eg. have two connections to the same database. Select the compare and compare-to from the different connections.

Get More Rows Feature

The limitation with multiple open queries also effects the use of Get More Rows. If you:

then AQT can crash.

Uncommitted Read

SQL/MX doesn't allow you to run a non-select statement (such as an Update or Create Table) while using uncommitted read. You will need to switch off uncommitted read if you are running such statements.

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