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Summarizing your Data

To help you summarize your data, you can use the Build Summary Query window. This can be invoked from:

The Query Builder window provides a more comprehensive capability for building Summary Queries. The Build Summary Query window is designed for quickly building simple summary queries.

The Build Summary Query window is as follows:

Summarize Table

The section Summary or Group-by queries gives a good overview of Summary queries. To recap, to summarize your table you need to specify:

Specifying Summarize-By Columns

These are specified in the top pane:

Specify the Summary Statistics

These are specified in the bottom pane:

Copy SQL

Running the Summary Query

Charting the Summary Query

Clicking on Chart will invoke the Chart window. The query will be run and results charted.

Summary Type

Depending on how you invoke the Build Summary Query window, you will get different things for Summary Type.

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