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Customizing your Shortcut keys

AQT gives you the ability to customize your Shortcut keys for some windows:

For all these windows, clicking on View > Customize Shortcut keys will show you Customize Shortcut Keys window.

The Customize Shortcut Keys window shows you all the Menu items available on the window, and allows you to specify which shortcut keys is to be used for that item. Note that some menu items are dynamically created for the window and may not be in this list.

Clicking OK will save the customizations and apply these to all open windows.

Clicking Revert will remove the customization information. This change will not be applied to the open windows; instead only comes into effect when the window is next opened.

Technical Note

Menu Customizations are held in the registry at HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\VB and VBA Program Settings\Cardett\Menu. If you think that the menu customizations are causing problems with a window opening, you can remove the entry from the registry (this has the same effect as Revert).

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