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Installing AQT (Technical Notes)


This install process will do an ALLUSERS install if the installer has authority to do this. Otherwise is will do a per-user installation.

You can force an ALLUSERS install with the following command:

aqtxxx_setup.exe /V"ALLUSERS=1"

You would either run this from a command prompt, or set this up in a *.bat file.

Allowing a non-administrator user to install AQT

Administrators can set a system policy that allows a non-administrator user to install AQT. This is described in

Install Log

If you are having problems with an install, you can switch on install logging. This is done with the following command:

aqtxxx_setup /V"/l*vx log.txt"

In this example, the log information will be written to file log.txt in the directory where the aqtxxx_setup file is located. This may provide some information to help you understand the problem you are having with the install.

MSI File

When the AQT setup runs, it extracts a MSI (Microsoft Installer) file. This MSI file will be placed in your local AppData directory. For Windows 7 and Windows 10 this will be:

C:\Users\<user>\AppData\Local\Downloaded Installations

The MSI file can be used to do Repair installs or for Uninstalling AQT.

Silent Install

You can do a Silent Install by setting up a script which has the following statement:

aqtxxx_setup.exe /s /v/qn

A Silent Uninstall can be done with:

aqtxxx_setup.exe /s /x /v/qn

What the install does

The install:

No files are written to the Windows system directory.

If there are problems with the install, it can be done manually by:

Self-contained Install

The AQT install directory is self-contained. It doesn't need any other files to run.

You can copy the AQT install directory (C:\Program Files\Advanced Query Tool v11) to another location on your machine and AQT will run fine from there. You may wish to do this, for instance, to save a particular version of AQT prior to an upgrade.

You can install AQT on another machine by copying the AQT install directory to that machine. However

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