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Connecting to SQLite

Before you can use an SQLite database with AQT, you need to download and install the SQLite ODBC Driver.

This can be downloaded from Go to the Current Version section and select sqliteodbc.exe. Once you have downloaded this file, run it to install the ODBC Driver.

There are a number of third-party ODBC Drivers, such as Devart ( We haven't used this ODBC Driver so cannot comment on its capabilities.

Once you have done this, you can connect to an SQLite database in one of two ways.

Setting up a Datasource for the SQLite Database

You would use this method if you had an SQLite database you wish to use on a frequent basis.

Doing a one-off connection to an SQLite Database

If you do not wish to create a Datasource for your SQLite database, you can connect to it by:

Advanced Query Tool
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