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Comparing objects across different database types

AQT can compare objects across different database types (eg. Oracle to SQL Server). In this case:

AQT's Compare between different databases is good but not perfect. There are many small differences between databases that are difficult for the Compare Objects to deal with.

Problem with Collation orders

There is a known problem when comparing databases which have different collation orders. This can apply when comparing (for instance) DB2 z/OS tables to a tables in a non-DB2 z/OS platform.

AQT obtains the list of tables to compare by running a query such as select name from systables order by 1. However if your table names contain numbers, this list of table can be returned in different orders. This will cause the AQT object compare function to think that the some tables exist on one system but not the other (and vica-versa), when in fact they exist on both systems.

At this stage we do not have a resolution to this problem.

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