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Scripting - Sleep

This statement causes the script to go into a wait state for a given length of time. This can be used to run some particular commands at a given time of day.

This command can only be used when running a batch script. It cannot be used in interactive AQT.

Sleep For

This specified that AQT sleeps for a given number of seconds.

--aqt sleep,for=300

AQT will sleep for 300 seconds.

Sleep Until

This specified that AQT sleeps until a given time day.

--aqt sleep,until=23:30:00

AQT will sleep until 11:30pm.

The seconds part of the time can be omitted if it is zero. The minute part cannot be omitted.

If the time is earlier than the current time, AQT will sleep until that time the following day. This allows you to specify until=04:00 for the script to run at 4am the following morning.

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