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Download the Oracle Instant Client and ODBC Driver

This can be done from the Oracle site using the following links. You will need to have a signon to Oracle in order to do this.

For the 32-bit Client / ODBC Driver use:

For the 64-bit Client / ODBC Driver use:

32-bit versus 64-bit

On a Windows 32-bit system you must use the 32-bit Client.

On a Windows 64-bit system you have the choice of using either the 32-bit client or 64-bit client. Both will work. Which one you choose will depend on whether you are wishing to run the 32-bit AQT or the 64-bit AQT.

On a 64-bit system you can install both the 32-bit abd 64-bit Clients / ODBC Drivers. You should place these in different directories.

Which Version?

The above links have a number of different versions of the Oracle Client.

In general we do not recommend using a version of the client which is higher than the version of the database server. We have found that this sometimers causes problems.

If you are running Oracle v11g we recommend you use v11 of the Client.

Download Packages

You will need to download two packages:

These are shown on the image below.

You may also wish to download the SQL*Plus file if you are plannng on running SQL*PLUS

Oracle client download

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