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Using the Details of a Data Value window

The Detail window is very useful for seeing the value of a binary field.

Detail Window

There are several tools on this window for examining the binary value.

Hex Viewer

Click on View > Hex Viewer, or click on the icon in the toolbar, to see a hex display of the data

Detail Window2

View as Hex

For a simpler display than the above, click on View > View as Hex.

You can specify that a space is included between the bytes. This makes the display easier to read. This is specified in Options > Display Format > For Hex display add a space between bytes.

Detail Window3

If AQT detects that you have a Unicode string, the hex string will consist of double-byte values. Note: if you aren't using the Add Space option it is difficult to know whether you have a Unicode or Ascii hex string.

Detail Window 4

Advanced Query Tool
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