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Exporting to Multiple files

This feature allows your exported data to be spread over multiple files. This is useful when exporting a very large amount of data, and you don't want the data for any one file to be too large.

On the Advanced tab, check the Write to multiple files option.

Export Mult Files


Maximum Lines per File

This is the simplest way of spreading the export over multiple files.

AQT will write a maximum of Max rows per file rows to a file, at which point it will switch to a new file.

Splitting Data based on a column value

You may wish to spread your data over multiple files based on the value of a column.

To do this you need to change the name of your export file to include the column name surrounded by diamond brackets.





Using <n>

The specification <n> in your file name is used to specify the file sequence number. You would use this if you wish to switch to a new line base on Maximum lines per file, but with greater control over the file name.

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