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GUI Query Builder - Columns Tab

Access this window by clicking on the Columns tab of the Query Builder.


With this window you can:

Specifying Literals

You may want your query to return a literal value or system variable. Examples: 23, 'Unknown', CURRENT DATE, USER.

To do this, specify this literal value in the Function field. Because the value does not contain a colon, no column name will be added.

Alternatively, you can click on New or Mod to go to the Build Query Column dialog.

Adding a column to a query multiple times

Sometimes you may want to have a column in your query multiple times - for instance with a different function for each appearance. Example:

Select DATE(Update_Time), TIME(Update_Time) From Table

You can do this by clicking on New to create a new query column. When you use this, you can create multiple query columns using the same table column.

Summary Query

When this is checked, this specifies that you are building a Summary Query.

This is discussed in Summary or Group-by Query.

Other Features


Use this option to display only distinct rows in your query. Duplicate rows will be removed. This option is generally not of much use if you are displaying all columns in the table. It is often used to display the different values a column can take. In this case you will specify only one or two columns in the query.


Use this option to specify the ALL option for your query. This option is the default so there should be no need to specify it.


When this is checked, the column types will be displayed in the grid.


When this is checked the column description will be displayed in the grid..

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