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Saving and Opening your Chart

Saving your Chart

Clicking on Save (Ctrl+S) will save your chart to disk.

The chart will be saved as an *xcf file (Xceed Chart File). This will include:

Opening your Chart

You can open a saved chart with File > Open Chart for viewing.

The chart will be opened in the chart window but will be Locked to prevent it being altered inadvertently.

If you wish to amend the chart, you can click on the Locked (Ctrl+L) button to unlock it.

Opening a chart as a Template

You can open a saved chart as a template with File >Open Chart as template.

When this is done, the styles and other formatting from the saved chart are applied to your existing chart. However the data from your existing chart is left unchanged.

This is useful way of developing a style for your charts, then applying this style to other charts.

Automatically Applying a template to your chart

When you save a chart, the default file name is based on the name of the table in your query. For instance, if you are charting table SALES.MONTLY_SUMMARY, the default filename will be sales_monthly_summary.xcf.

When you next chart this table, AQT will see if there is a chart file with this default name. If so, this chart file will be applied as a template to your new chart. This allows AQT to "remember" how a table was charted, and use the same style the next time you chart it.

Displaying your Chart

Once you have saved a chart, it will be visible in the Query Explorer or as a Favorite. This is discussed in the topic Viewing Charts in the Query Explorer.

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