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Comparing table data

AQT provides a basic mechanism for comparing the results of two queries. This can be used to:

There are two ways you can use this feature:

Use the Compare to Another Results Window

This is the best method to compare two tables:

Use the Compare to Saved Results

This is the best method of comparing a table at two different points in time.


For the compares to work correctly you should always display the data in the same order. It is recommended that you have an Order By primary-key-columns in your Data Displays.

The compare is a “simple” compare; it is not smart enough to cope with rows being inserted or deleted. If this has happened, it will flag differences in all subsequent rows.

Make sure you are displaying all the rows in your tables by setting Options > Display Limits. Also make sure that Max Column Size is large enough for your widest column.

This feature cannot compare BLOBs, large binary fields, or columns larger than 10,000 bytes.

Save Results will save a maximum of 10,000 bytes per row. If you have some very large columns in your display, they may not be saved / compared correctly.

Compare Results window

This window shows the results of your data compare.

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