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Running AQT as an unattended batch job

In This Chapter

Creating a new Batch Job

Manage Batch Jobs

Technical Notes on Batch Jobs

Changes to Batch Jobs with AQT v11

AQT allows you to run your SQL as an unattended batch job. You may do this for a number of reasons:

Setting up a new Batch Job

You can set up a new Batch Job :

For more information on this see Creating a new Batch Job.

Sample Jobs

AQT provides a number of sample batch jobs which you can use to test this feature and to understand it's capabilities.

These sample jobs are located at: C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\Advanced Query Tool\batch.

You can see / manage then with the Manage Batch Jobs window.

Managing Batch Jobs

AQT provides a window for managing your batch jobs. This allows you to:

Viewing Export History

In addition to the Manage Batch Jobs window, AQT maintains a history of all data exports. This is a quick way of viewing all export files created by your batch jobs.

The export history can be viewed with the View Export History window.

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