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Generate encrypted password

This window is invoked from the Database Explorer window (Tools > Generate Encrypted Password).

This feature was introduced in conjunction with Batch Mode operation of AQT, in which you need to specify Connect statements in your batch scripts to sign onto the database you wish to run your script against. If your database requires a user-id and password to be specified, these will need to be coded in the script. This is a security risk - passwords should never be coded in clear text in scripts.

Our solution to this is to use encrypted passwords in your batch scripts. The procedure is to:

To use the Generate Encrypted Password window

Note that there is a randomizer built into the encrypted password. The same password can produce different encrypted passwords if run more than once (this is to prevent the cracking of password by trial and error).

Note: while AQT uses strong password encryption, we cannot state that it cannot be broken. You should not code encrypted passwords for databases which contain sensitive or critical data.

Earlier Releases of AQT

As of AQT v10.1.1, AQT will use a stronger encryption method than prior releases. Encrypted Passwords generated by AQT v10.1.1 cannot be used in prior releases of AQT.

Encrypted passwords generated by prior releases of AQT can still be used by AQT v10.1.1 and AQT v11.

Who can use this password?

Three identity options are available:

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