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Table access grid

This option applies to users of Oracle, Sybase Enterprise and MS SQL Server, and displays user's access rights in the same way as other databases, for easy comparison.

In the Database Explorer, when you display the information for a user, the Table Access Grid option is available from the listbox above the right-hand pane, or from the mouse quick-menu.

The table access grid runs a special program in AQT to display the user’s access rights in a easy-to-read format. This format has one row for each table the user has access to, and one column for each table privilege. The column privilege will be either N (does not have this privilege), Y (has this privilege), G (has this privilege with the Grant option).

You can switch to the Table Authorities view, which will show you the access rights in the “normal format” (the way this information is held within the catalog). You can flip between these two displays if you want to compare how they present the same information (however Table Authorities also shows Grantor, which is not shown in the Table Access Grid).

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