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GUI Query Builder - Table / Joins Tab

Access this window from the Table/Joins tab of the Query Builder.

This shows you the tables and joins in your query, and has some further options not possible from the GUI window.


Table Id

Tables can have a table-id, which is an short name for referencing the table. The table-id is also referred to as the “correlation name”. Using table-ids makes the SQL less voluminous and easier to read.

If a table appears twice in the query, it is essential to have a table-id to distinguish which of the two instances of the table you are referring to.

AQT will by default generate a table-id for the tables. To change this, click in the Table Id column and enter/amend the value. Then hit Enter or click elsewhere to effect the change.

The Options Tab allows you to set a number of options about how this table-id is generated.

New table

This allows you add a new table to your query.

After adding a new table to the query, you will be asked to specify a join for this table.

New Expression

See the topic Using Table Expressions for a description of this.


This allows you to delete a table from the query.


These are discussed in the topic Creating or Modifying Joins

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