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Export function set-up

This topic describes how to set up a batch script for exporting a table, or result of a query. Display the Export Data window in one of three ways:

Select the csv filetype, then in the Dialog Menu, select Tools > Generate Batch Control Statement (or Ctrl+ G ), copy the text from the window and paste it back into the Run SQL window above the Select statement. You can Run the statement to test it.

Next, copy the entire text from the Run SQL window into a .txt file, add a first line that calls AQT and connects to the database, eg

--aqt conn,dbs=test

Then create a .bat file to run AQT, specifying your text file.

Numerous sample .bat files (such as batch*.bat) are provided in the AQT directory. We strongly recommend that you view these files to see the types of options available.

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