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Known Problems

The following known problems exist with AQT.

A number of these are because of peculiarities/bugs of ODBC drivers and/or the databases. You may or may not experience these problems depending on the level of software drivers you are using.


Problem Description

Column Types for Sybase Enterprise and MS SQL Server

These are held in the system tables in a very complex way. Furthermore we have developed our queries to work on both SQL Server 6.5 and 7.0; this adds an extra degree of difficulty. Hopefully our queries will report on this information accurately but we make no guarantees!

Column Types for MS SQL Server

The column width is reported inaccurately for nchar and nvarchar columns (these are stored as Unicode and occupy double the space that has been declared – AQT picks up the space used).

Parameter Usage with Sybase Enterprise

This doesn’t seem to handle numeric parameters. Workaround: use Options > Parameter Usage > Use Substitution, or code your query as where id=convert(int,?)

Default values in DB2 z/OS

These are held in a complex way in the database that AQT doesn't yet handle accurately.

MS Access gets “Statement not Valid at this time” when running update.

Switch off Safe Update Mode (see Options > Run SQL).

ODBC table info

Many problems exist if you use Options > Table Info > Use ODBC. You wouldn't normally do this. When running in this mode AQT gets information on the tables from the ODBC API calls, rather than querying the system tables. There appear to be many bugs with these APIs.

Some of these problems also exist for non-catalog databases such as MS Access.

The circumvention for all these problems is to use Options > Table Info > Use System Tables.

Database type

known issue

most databases

don't give anything for the column Default value

Oracle Version 7

gives duplicate values for the table owner names


is sometimes confused about what is a Table and what is a System Table


is sometimes confused about what is a Table and what is a System Table


doesn't give anything for the column Description

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