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Export Scripting

You have the ability to Script the Export function. This allows you to export data automatically, without having to specify the Export Options. Instead, all the required information is specified in a scripting control statement. See the section on scripting for more information on this, and for the export script statement in particular.

This scripting function is also used for running AQT in unattended (batch) mode.

To make it easy to set up scripts, use File > View Export script (or Ctrl+G) from the Export Options window. This will generate a scripting control statement for the Export as per the options you have specified. You can run this script control statement from either the Run SQL window, or in a batch script.


--aqt export,file="C:\Apps\Exports\order_line.csv",type=csv,filemode=replace,nulls=blank,prompt=yes,header=yes

Select * from Order_Line;

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