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Select load source

Use the left pane of the Source Tab to select the type of data to be loaded, then specify the source on the right.

Four types of data source can be specified:


data is in a structured file (such as .csv)


Excel worksheet

data is in a Microsoft Excel file

You do not need Excel installed on your PC to load from this


data is in another table

The table can be on a different database, but you must be connected to it in AQT


data is in a query

The query can be run on a different database, but you must be connected to in AQT.


Excel worksheet

Use Native Excel Interface

By default, this option is not selected. In this case, AQT will read the Excel file by:

This method is slow and can sometimes be unreliable if Excel gets into an odd state.

When this option is selected, AQT will use a Native interface to Excel. This method is fast and reliable.

Use Raw Values

With Excel, there are two choices of how the data values are read:

For instance, the raw value might be 23.4521 whereas the formatted value is $23.45

For compatibility with previous versions, when running a batch script and this is not specified:



Enter the query into the Query text box (copy and paste the SQL from your query), and select the database from the Run query against database drop-down list.