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Connecting to DB2

Prerequisite Software

In order to connect to a DB2 Server, you will need the DB2 Client on your PC. There are a number of different types of DB2 Client - Runtime Client, Administration Client etc. Any of these Clients will work. The DB2 Client includes the DB2 ODBC Driver. The DB2 Client will be on the DB2 Install CD (your DBA will have this) or can be downloaded from the IBM site.

DB2 z/OS and DB2 iSeries

If your database is a DB2 z/OS or DB2 iSeries database, you will also need DB2/Connect. This provides connectivity to mainframes and will perform EBCDIC-ASCII conversion (if this is required). DB2/Connect is a purchaseable product.

You have two choices of DB2/Connect products:

DB2 iSeries

You can also connect to a DB2 iSeries database using Client Access Express. If you use this, you do not need either the DB2 Client or DB2 Connect.

Configuring the DB2 Client

This is done using the Configuration Assistant or the DB2 Command Line Processor. This is described in Configuring the DB2 Client.

Binding the Packages

If your DB2 client is a different version or release level than your DB2 server, you may need to bind the DB2 Client packages. If this is not done, AQT may hang when you try to sign on, or give you messages such as package NULLID.SQLLF000 not found.

To bind the packages from the Configuration Assistant, select the database then click on Selected > Bind. In the next window, select <CLI/ODBC Support> then click on Bind.

Other notes on Binding:

AQT Options

When using AQT against a DB2 database, we recommend using the following AQT options.

Advanced Query Tool
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